LCR-T7 measuring device

Our Joy-IT LCR-T7 meter offers you a wide range of functions for an attractive price. With the help of our LCR meter, you can measure the inductances ( L ) of coils, capacitances ( C ) of capacitors, and their resistances ( R ) as loss. The automatic component recognition of our meter can recognise electronic components ( diodes, Z-diodes, double diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors, thyristors, triacs, field effect transistors, bipolar transistors, and batteries ) and distinguish for example between different types of transistors ( NPN or PNP ). [nbsp]The measurements are started automatically by simply pressing a button. With the integrated infrared decoder, even infrared signals can be decoded and shown on the display in waveform and hexadecimal code. Thanks to the integrated about 300mAh battery, the measuring device can be used in mobile applications. The battery can be recharged with the help of the included microUSB cable and various USB power sources (e.g. 5V mains adapter, power bank, PC, and much more). Due to the large number of different components on the market, it cannot be guaranteed that all components will be correctly detected.


Measurable components

Resistor, capacitor, inductor, thyristor, triac, (double) diode, Z-diode, field effect transistor, bipolar transistor, infrared decoder

Display type

1.8" TFT LCD (160 x 128p)

Special features

Automatic calibration, One key operation

Built-in battery

Lithium Ion rechargeable, 3.7 V, about 300 mAh


25 pF - 100 mF


0.01 Ω - 50 MΩ


0.01 mH- 20H


0.1 - 4.5 V

Z-diode breakdown voltage

0.01 - 30 V


0.01 - 4.5 V


UF < 4.5 V

Thyristor / Triac

IGT < 6 mA

Additional information


90 x 70 x 27 mm

Items shipped

Tester, micro USB cable, Test clip, LED, Capacitor



Article No.


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