Joy-Pi Advanced

The Joy-Pi Advanced is a compact and powerful device that allows you to realize your projects quickly and easily. Whether you already have a lot of experience, or next to none, the Joy-Pi Advanced lets you unleash your creativity. Thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of platforms, including Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Pico, Arduino Nano, BBC micro:bit, and NodeMCU ESP32, you can easily and quickly access your preferred platform.

In addition, the Joy-Pi Advanced features more than 30 stations, lessons, and modules, giving you an unlimited variety of ways to get your projects done. With the self-developed learning center, you can not only improve your skills but also create new projects. The learning center offers a wealth of information and tutorials that will guide you step by step through your projects.

Our Joy-Pi Advanced is characterized in particular by its intelligent switch units, which allow an extended use of the available pins. A total of three switch units are integrated, each equipped with 12 individual switches that provide precise control of the connected sensors and modules. This system solves the well-known problem of limited pin count that occurs with conventional microcontrollers. The switch units allow you to operate a large number of sensors and modules in parallel by switching them on and off individually. This simulates multiple pin assignment, allowing you to exploit the full power of your projects without compromising functionality.

By combining our innovative adapter boards and the Micro:Bit slot, we achieve seamless compatibility with a wide range of microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi Pico, NodeMCU ESP32, Micro:Bit and Arduino Nano. The specially developed adapter boards are designed to perfectly match the respective microcontroller. By plugging the microcontroller onto the appropriate adapter board and then plugging it into the Micro:Bit slot, the Joy-Pi Advanced quickly and easily becomes compatible with the different microcontrollers. This allows seamless integration of your preferred platform and the ability to combine the strengths of the different microcontrollers in your projects. This way, you can fully focus on your creative projects without worrying about the compatibility of different microcontrollers. The Joy-Pi Advanced simplifies the development process and gives you the possibility to design your projects flexibly and individually.


Special features

Highly integrated development platform & learning center
Fast, easy & wireless combination of various sensors & actuators
Installation option for Raspberry Pi 4
Compatible with various microcontrollers
Self-developed, didactic learning platform for Raspberry Pi & Windows

Compatible to

Raspberry Pi 4, Arduino Nano, NodeMCU ESP32, BBC Micro:Bit, Raspberry Pi Pico

Installed sensors, actuators & components


Learning platform

over 40 entries in the know-ledge database, 10 projects,
10 learning tasks, 14 visions


7-segment display, 16x2 display, 1.8“ TFT display, 0.96“ OLED display, 8x8 RGB matrix


DS18B20, shock sensor, hall sensor, barometer, sound sensor, gyroscope, PIR sensor, Light barrier, NTC, Light sensor, 6x touch sensor, color sensor, ultrasonic distance sensor, DHT11 temperature & humidity sensor


Joystick, 5x switches, potentiometer, rotary encoder, 4x4 button matrix, relays, PWM fan


Servo interface, Stepper motor interface, Vibration motor

Measuring & Conversion Modules

Analog-Digital Converter, Level converter, voltmeter, Variable voltage supply

Other components

RTC real time clock, buzzer, EEPROM memory, infrared receiver, breadboard, RFID reader

Adapter boards

Adapter for NodeMCU ESP32, Arduino Nano & Raspberry Pi Pico, Boardconnectors for
Raspberry Pi & External Boards

Electronic components

Infrared remote control, RFID chip, RFID card, 6x alligator clips, microSD card reader, servo motor, stepper motor, 32 GB microSD card


40x resistors, 3x green LEDs, 3x yellow LEDs, 3x red LEDs, 1x transistor, 5x buttons,
1x potentiometer, 2x capacitors

Other accessories

Screw assortment, screwdriver, accessory storage bag, power supply & power cable, servo mount

Power supply

Built-in power supply: 36W, 12 V, 3 A
Case connector: Small device plug C8

Voltage outputs

12 V, 5 V, 3.3 V, Variable voltage output (2 V - 11 V)

Data buses & signal outputs

I2C, SPI, Analog to digital converter

Battery (RTC)


Additional information


327 x 200 x 52 mm



Article No.


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