The Joy-Car is an autonomous educational robot based on BBC micro:bit and offers a comprehensive platform for learning about robotics, electronics and programming.

By using the programming-friendly BBC micro:bit, the Joy-Car is suitable for children as young as 8 years old, but is also interesting for older teenagers and electronics-loving adults thanks to its extensive sensor equipment. Sensors such as line-tracking, ultrasound, infrared and wheel speed sensors enable functions such as autonomous driving and even control via Bluetooth® using a second, separate BBC micro:bit is possible. The additional equipment simulates turn signals, lights, reversing lights ,horn and is completing the experience of an autonomous robot car. By using addressable LEDs, additional individual lighting scenarios can be realised.

A small "highlight" is the motor-controlled ultrasonic sensor, with the help of which the Joy-Car orients itself, looks left and right to determine the most favourable route (of course, it then flashes before turning and continues driving).

The 77-page manual (available in German and English) not only explains how to build the robot. All components, sensors, electronics and motors, are explained in an easily understandable way. Programming can be done in MakeCode or in MicroPhyton and is described in detail.

The Joy-Car has already been used in various classrooms and has been tested accordingly. The Joy-Car can be used in a wide variety of teaching formats thanks to its extensive and versatile functions, which are covered in the instructions and explained in an appealing way. Neither the topics of computer science, nor physics or robotics are neglected! The homepage of the same name, created especially for the Joy-Car, offers further information, tips, programming examples and a forum for questions, problems and ideas.

Additional informations and downloads are available at our Joy-Car product site.


Power Supply

4x AA batteries, alternatively: 4.5 - 9 VDC

Functions & Features:

Learning the individual components as a whole machine,
Suitable from 9 years on, ideal for school purposes,
Detailed instructions for programming including codes,
Programming languages: Micro:Phyton and MakeCode,
Autonomous driving by line finder, ultrasonic and infrared,
BT-control via separate 2nd Micro:Bit possible,
Simulation of indicators, lights, reversing light and horn

Included Sensors

2x Speed-Sensor,
3x Line-Tracking-Sensor,
1x Ultrasonic-Sensor,
2x Obstacle-Sensor

Included Electronic Assembly

1x Joy-Car Mainboard,
2x Gear motor,
2x Servo motor,
4x LED board,
1x Battery case

Additional information


189 x 171 x 77 m


0,685 kg

Items shipped

Joy-Car Acryl Kit, Sensors, Electronics assembly, Mounting material, Connection cables



Article No.


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