This omni wheel and motor kit is a full set of 4 high-quality omni wheels with matching motors with encoders and mounting screws. These wheels have small rollers around the circumference which are in a 45° angle to the turning direction so that the wheel can slide sidewise. A vehicle with 4 omni wheels is able to move in every direction without changing the orientation of the chassis.



Application area


Compatible with

SBCs and Microcontrollers

Special Features

Complete mounting kit

Dimensions (wheel)

Wheel: Ø65 x 29 mm with hub: Ø65 x 35 mm

Dimensions (motor)

Motor: Ø24 x 65 mm with shaft: Ø24 x 78 mm shaft: Ø4 x 9.5 mm



Reduction ratio


No load current

≤ 100mA

No load speed

280 rpm

Rated torque

0.8 kg/cm

Rated speed

200 rpm

Rated voltage (motor)

6 V

Rated current

≤ 0.75 mA

Maximum torque

4.5 kg/cm

Stop current

1.3 A


Red: Motor + (6V) Black: Motor - Green: Encoder - Blue: Encoder + (5-12 V) Yellow: Signal A (11 Impulses per revolution) White: Signal B (11 Impulses per revolution)

Items delivered

4x 25GA270 with encoder, 2x omniwheels left, 2x omniwheels right, 4x metal hubs with 4 mm bore, 4x plastic hubs for shaft with two flat spots, 4x screws M3 x 17 mm, 4x Allen-threaded bolt M4 x 4 mm



Article No.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

are the signals A and B for the direction?

Signals A and B come from the encoder. Using these signals, you can firstly detect the direction of rotation of the wheel and on the other the speed at which the wheel rotates measure.

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