CCS811 Sensor

The CCS811 is a gas sensor that monitors the air quality and can measure a large number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The sensor data can be converted to a total volatile organic compound (TVOC) or carbon dioxide equivalent (eCO2) level.

NOTE: A single burn-in of 48 hours and a warm-up time of 20 minutes is recommended before valid data can be expected.


Digital Interface


Operating Voltage

3-5 V

Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs)

0 - 1187 ppb

Equivalent CO2-Level (eCO2)

400 - 8192 ppm

Mode 0

Idle incl. Low Current Mode

Mode 1

Constant power mode 1 measurement per sec.

Mode 2

Pulse Heating Mode 1 measurement/10 sec.

Mode 3

Low Power Pulse Mode 1 measurement/60 sec.

Mode 4

Constant Power Mode 1 measurement/250 ms

Compatible to

Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Additional information


21 x 18 x 3 mm


1.2 g

Items shipped

CCS811 Sensor



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