Robot Car Kit 4WD

This Robot Car Kit for Do It Yourself, is the fundament for your own home-built Robot Car, thus it contains the scaffold for a robot or car which is operated by an Arduino. You can choose the further required parts like power supply and motor control by yourself, we would recommend using JOY-IT Accessory. This Kit contains base plates, 4 motors with a wheel each and the matching set of screws. The bores were especially set for an Arduino.



4.5 - 9 V DC

Current in idle state

190 mA

Engine speed/min in idle

90 - 300 rpm

Torque in gf/cm min

800 - 1200

Dimensions (chassis)

280 x 156 x 3 mm

Dimensions (wheel)

65 x 27 mm

Additional information


498 g

Items shipped

Kit with Acryl plates, motors, wheels and screws



Article No.


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