Battery Unit for StromPI 3

Battery Unit for StromPI 3

Battery Unit for StromPI 3

This battery unit forms with the StromPi V3 a wholesome USV solution.

It is available as a third voltage source and can be monitored and can be automatically recharged.

It is based of the LiFePo4 technoloy and offers more essential advantages compared to the standard lithium-ION structures:

  • increased security because there can not be a chemical spontaneous combustion
  • essentially longer life time than lithium ION technology
  • more charge cycles
  • the battery gets automatically charged if it runs with a external voltage source
  • wide temperature application range

In the battery electronic, protection circuits against overload, short-circuits and deep discharging are integrated.




Battery Unit for StromPi 3


Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)


1000 mAh


3,2 V

Special Features

Can be plugged directly onto the StromPi 3, pin header lead-through, Charges immediately on StromPi 3, Own protection and charge electronics, Increased safety as chemical self-ignition is not possible, Significantly longer life than Lithium ION technologies, Wide temperature application range

Operating temperature range

-20 °C -60 °C


65 x 56 x 20 mm


52 g

Items Shipped

Battery Unit for StromPi 3



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