Joy-Pi Expansion set

The Joy-Pi Addon expansion set offers you the possibility to use your own projects with additional sensors and actuators with the Joy-Pi experimental suitcase. The required connection possibilities are provided by the Port-Doubler board.

The included ADC ( Analog/Digital-Converter ) allows you to use analog sensors and actuators. The "ADC" is necessary because the Raspberry PI can only process digital signals.

The set also includes the following components: linear potentiometer, joystick module, magnetic sensor, pressure and temperature sensor, breadboard, connecting cable set

Expand the range of applications of our Joy-Pi experiment suitcase considerably by realizing your own experiment setups as an advanced user.


Compatible with

RB-JoyPi, Raspberry Pi

Special features

ADC for connecting analog sensors


4 channel, 12 bit accuracy (ADS1115)

Linear potentiometer

10 kΩ

Magnetic sensor

Linear magnetic Hall sensor (49E)

Pressure and temperature sensor



Analog 2-axis joystick module with button

Additional information

Items shipped

Port-Doubler board, JoyStick module, ADC, pressure and temperature sensor, linear potentiometer, magnetic sensor, cable set, breadboard



Article No.


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