With our RD6012, you get a programmable laboratory power supply that provides you with DC voltages between 0.01 and 60 volts and DC currents between 0.01 and 12 amps at the voltage output. Thanks to its compact design and variable voltage input, the RD6012 is highly integrable and ideally suited for your own projects. For this purpose, a variety of DC sources (e.g. industrial switching power supply, batteries, existing power supplies) between 0 and 70 volts can be used. With the help of the intuitive control panel, up to 9 different DC voltages can be programmed, stored and recalled, even individual settings of various protection and limiting functions ( e.g. overvoltage protection ) can be programmed. The corresponding values can be set very conveniently via the keypad and / or the rotary control and are clearly displayed thanks to the high-resolution 2.4" colour display. The RD6012 also offers you a charging function for accumulators, which enables individual charging currents depending on the accumulator voltage ( e.g. 3.7 volts ) and accumulator current ( e.g. 1000 mAh ). Because high loads generate heat, the laboratory power supply has an additional active fan and temperature sensor, which ensure that the voltage output automatically switches off for protection when a temperature of 80°C is reached. The individual Joy-iT firmware provides you with various language settings (German, English, French) in the main menu.

Thanks to the integrated microUSB interface and the optionally available Wifi module, the RD6012 can communicate and be operated with a PC, tablet or smartphone using the appropriate software.

Furthermore, a metal case ( JT-RD6012-Case01 ) is available, in which all components ( RD6012, Wifi interface and industrial power supply unit ) are accommodated.



Special features

Battery charging function, value input comfortable via keypad, Overcurrent protection/Overvoltage protection adjustable, integrated RTC (CR1220 battery needed), NTC-Temperature sensor

Input voltage

6 - 70 V

Output voltage

0 - 60 V

Output current

0 - 12 A

Output power

0 - 720 W

Voltage resolution

0.01 V

Current resolution

0.01 A

Capacity measuring range

0 - 9999.99 Ah

Energy measuring range

0 - 9999.99 Wh

Residual ripple

250 mV(pp) (at maximal capacity)


2.4 Inch LCD

optional Accessoires

Case, WiFi module

Working temperature range

-10 - 40 °C


167 x 81 x 65 mm


650 g

Items Shipped

JT-RD6012, NTC-Temperature sensor



Article No.


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