The JT-DPH5005 meets many requirements of a lab power supply. This power supply combines analog and digital technologies in an advanced design with outstanding precision and accuracy. The adjustable output reaches up to 50V or 5A and can be precisely configured in 10mV or 1mA steps.

The power supply unit is additionally equipped with a switch-off parameter memory and ten programmable data memories.

The operation of the unit has been optimized for particularly easy operation and the colour display offers particularly detailed and comprehensive information. Among other things, the current voltage and current values, presettings and output powers can be displayed here. Dynamic notification symbols also facilitate clarity. The additional settings menu offers maximum control of overcurrent and overvoltage values as well as other parameters. The DPH5005 offers modern design and advanced technology in a compact package, making it the ideal power supply

In addition, you can supplement the laboratory power supply with the optionally available housing, BT and USB modules. Thus your laboratory power supply receives a suitable housing and you can communicate via USB or BT with the laboratory power supply, retrieve data and make settings.


Moreover, it is possible to shift voltages up and down. ( Buck [&] Boost Converter )


Display type


Input voltage

6 - 50 Volt (DC)

Input current

max 10 A continuous

Output voltage

0 - 50 Volt

Output current

0 - 5 A

Output power

0 - 250 Watt

Voltage resolution

0,01 V

Current resolution

0,001 A

Special features

programmable, slim

Optional Equipment

BT– and USB module


100 mVpp

Size display module

43 x 79 x 38 mm

Size power module

93 x 35 x 72 mm

Display size

1.5 inch

Additional information


202 g

Items shipped

Display and power module, 2 connection wires



Article No.


Frequently asked questions

What are the installation dimensions of the display?

71,60 mm x 39,30 mm x 23,60 mm

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