Servo motor FS90R

This continuous servo motor FS90R with an 6 cm large wheel is due to its compact size perfect for control and regulation of small loads and thus a good choice for engineering. Operated with 5 V, this servo motor has a peak torque of up to 1,5 kg/cm.


Please note: This is a continuous servo motor. Unlike a conventional servo motor, this one uses a PWM signal to set the speed and direction of rotation instead of the position.


Peak torque

1,5 kg/cm

Rotations (without load)

110-130 rpm

Voltage supply

4-6V DC

Operating voltage

4.8 - 6 V

Operating current

100—120 mA

Idle current

5 –6 mA

Stall current

550—650 mA

Gear spline

Plastic (Nylon and POM)

Horn gear spline

20T (4.8mm)

Horn type


Connection wire length

200 mm

Command signal

Pulse width modulation

Amplifier type

Analog comparator

Pulse width range

700—2300 µsec

Dead band width

90 µsec

Default stop position

1500 (+/-45) µsec

Rotating direction CW

when 700-1500 µsec

Rotating direction CCW

when 1500 - 2300 µsec

Dimensions of Wheel

60mm Ø x 8mm, 10 gram

Compatible to

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi Pico

Additional information


32,6 x 32 x 12,5 mm


9 g

Items shipped

Motor, wheel, adapter set



Article No.


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