Stepper motors with linear actuator

Stepper motors with linear actuator are the right choice for precise and linear movements. By combining a stepper motor with a linear actuator, a particularly high resolution and positioning accuracy is achieved.

The main difference between stepper motors with linear actuators and regular stepper motors is the way they perform movements. Standard stepper motors rotate around an axis and convert the rotary motion into linear motion by moving a load via a spindle, belt or other device. Stepper motors with linear actuators, on the other hand, directly generate linear motion without the need for additional conversion. Another difference is precision and resolution. Stepper motors with linear actuators are able to perform very precise movements because they generate a direct linear movement without a transmission. Standard stepper motors, on the other hand, can have some fuzziness when converting rotary motion to linear motion, which can lead to slight deviations in positioning.


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