Strompi 2

The StromPi 2 expansion board is a redevelopment of the popular Joy-IT Power Solution.

Not only the voltage range was increased to 6V-61V, for example for using with larger / more batteries or power supplies, the StromPi 2 board now also delivers up to 3A current to supply even larger projects with enough power.

Also now there is a reset function for the Raspberry Pi included, which consequential expands the UPS function of the StromPi 2. Due to the new super-slim design, the StromPi2 fits into many enclosures and new applications. The StromPi 2 allows your Raspberry-Pi to connect any voltage source with the voltage range of 6V-61V, so that you have other possibilities where you can use the Raspberry Pi
(Car, ship, truck, industrial plant, etc.). In addition, the Raspberry-Pi optionally gets an upgrade for the USB outputs to a high-power USB port, in order to run fully-power-intensive devices like USB hard disks.

The integrated UPS function enables critical applications to be protected from power outages.
Using software for the Raspberry-Pi, the UPS function can be monitored and various messages in the event of failure, for example an E-mail as an alert can be sent. Through the efficient switching control solution it is also possible to use the Raspberry-Pi mobile using a battery.

New feature of the UPS mode: After the Raspberry Pi has been safely shut down in the event of a power failure, the new reset function automatically restarts the Raspberry Pi.