Smart Home Camera



With the JT-Cam you acquire an extraordinary smart home camera with many interesting features.

It is suitable for a large number of different applications.

Via WLAN, you can integrate the camera into an existing network and can control and manage up to 20 cameras at the same time using an app (it supports Android and IOS).

Image and sound are reproduced via real-time in a resolution (adjustable) of a maximum of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Integrated speakers and microphone conversations are also possible.

The camera can express emotions such as cheerfulness, tiredness and many more with the LCD displays in the two “eyes”.

These emotions are also controlled via the app.

A special highlight is the ability to rotate the field of view of the camera by up to 230 degrees (control left / right also via app).

So you always have everything in view.

You can use a SD memory card (up to 32 GB).

In addition, the camera next to the power supply (Micro-USB power adapter required, is not included) via a built-in lithium battery, which can power the camera for up to 16 hours, so is a possible power failure no problem.