Sensor-Kit X40

This high-quality sensor kit has been specially developed for the most common open-source platforms. It is compatible with single-board computers (Arduino, Raspberry, Banana PI, Cubieboard, Cubietruck, Beaglebone, pcDuino) and microcontrollers (atmega, AVR, MicroChip PIC, STM32, etc.).

It contains a total of 40 different sensors. You can either solder the sensors or stick them on a board to work on different circuits or experiments. A detailed list with a short description of the functions can be found in the overview in the download area.


  • comprehensive sensor set with 40 sensors including analog- and voltage-converter
  • high-quality, reliable sensors
  • universally applicable

KY-001 Temperatur Sensor Modul

KY-002 Erschütterungs-Schalter Modul

KY-003 Hall Magnetfeld-Sensor Modul

KY-004 Taster-Modul

KY-005 Infrarot Transmitter Modul

KY-006 Passives Piezo-Buzzer Modul

KY-009 RGB LED SMD Modul

KY-010 Lichtschranken-Modul

KY-011 2-Farben [Rot+Grün] 5mm LED Modul

KY-012 Aktives Piezo-Buzzer Modul

KY-013 Temperatur-Sensor Modul

KY-015 Kombi-SensorTemperatur+Feuchtigkeit

KY-016 RGB 5mm LED Modul

KY-017 Neigungsschalter Modul

KY-018 Fotowiderstand Modul

KY-019 5V Relais Modul

KY-020 Neigungs-Schalter Modul

KY-021 Mini Magnet Reed Modul

KY-022 Infrarot Receiver Modul

KY-023 Joystick Modul (XY-Achsen)

KY-024 Linear magnetic Hall Sensor

KY-025 Reed Modul

KY-026 Flamen-Sensor Modul

KY-027 Magic Light Cup Modul

KY-028 Temperatur Sensor Modul (Thermistor)

KY-029 2-Farben [Rot+Grün] 3mm LED Modul

KY-031 Klopf-Sensor Modul

KY-032 Hindernis Detektor Modul

KY-033 Tracking Sensor Modul

KY-034 7 Farben LED Flash-Modul

KY-035 Bihor Magnet Sensor Modul

KY-036 Metall-Touchsensor Modul

KY-037 Mikrofon Sensor Modul [hohe Empfindlichkeit]

KY-038 Mikrofon Sound Sensor Modul

KY-039 Herzschlag Sensor Modul

KY-040 Kodierter Drehschalter (Rotary Encoder)

KY-053 Analog Digital Converter

KY-052 Drucksensor / Temperatursensor [BMP180]

KY-051 Voltage Translator / Level Shifter

KY-050 Ultraschallabstandssensor