Mouse Lightpad

Joy-iT Light-Pad

Illuminated Mouse Pad

This mouse pad is the perfect accessory for gamers and casemodders, but also for any standard PC.

Made of high quality aluminum & acrylic and with a lamination that is perfect for mice with high DPI, it allows highest precision no matter whether in games or for work.

The LEDs allow the mouse to illuminate itself, giving it a cool and futuristic look. In the dark, the mouse pad lightens up the working area into a pleasant light.

The mousepads are available in orange, blue, red / pink and yellow.

The LEDs are covered by black aluminum, the power supply is a 2m-long USB cable in a color matching the mouse pad’s. The connector is in the upper right corner.
The rubber coating on the back gives the mouse pad a firm hold and prevents it from slipping