Explorer 700

Explorer 700 Multifunctional Board

The Explorer 700 multifunction board from Joy-IT is an absolute millennium! It is equipped with many useful interfaces and very interesting extensions:

1. Pin header for direct attachment to the Raspberry B +, 2B or 3B
2. UART interface: easily connect UART modules such as RS232, RS485, USB TO UART (TTL cable), etc.
3. AD / DA IO Interface: connected cables can be fixed via screws
4. 1-WIRE interface: for connecting 1-WIRE devices (eg DS18B20 chipset, separately included)
5. Sensor interface: digital and analog sensors can be connected
6. 0.96 inch OLED display: SSD1306 driver, 128 × 64 pixels, SPI interface
7. Buzzer
8. USB TO UART, converter with CP2102 chipset (mini USB port)
9. PCF8591: 8-bit analogue / digital converter, I2C interface
10. BMP180: sensor for atmospheric pressure, temperature and altitude above normal zero, I2C interface
11. PCF8574: I / O chip for I2C interface
12. DS3231: High Precision RTC Chip, I2C interface
13. Power LED
14. Programmable LED
15. Joystick
16. LFN0038K IR infrared receiver

The Explorer 700 Board is compatible with following Raspberry models: B +, 2B, 3B.