Explore 500

Mulitifunctional Board Explore 500 for Raspberry Pi

Connecting peripherals, devices, etc. to the Raspberry Pi via the GPIO is not always the most elegant solution – the easy-to-use is this expansion board.

This is simply plugged onto the GPIO connector of the Raspberry Pi, and the peripherals can be conveniently connected via their own connectors. In addition, the board provides a display port for standard LCD modules with HD44780 controllers, a debug USB interface with the CP2102, and a real-time clock (RTC) with battery backup.


  • Expansion board for all Raspberry Pi and compatible devices with 40-pin. GPIO pin header
  • UART interface for UART modules such as USB, RS485, RS232, TTL
  • 8x I / O interface
  • SPI interface
  • I2C interface
  • LCD interface for LCD modules with HD44780 and compatible devices with contrast adjustment
  • USB-UART interface with CP2102 for debugging, can be switched off
  • RTC with PCF8563, 32.768 Hz quartz and battery support
  • 4x programmable LED and push buttons