Highlights & Details

  • Extension of a Raspberry Pi to a Power Solution
  • Provides up to 2A power
  • Directly attachable
  • Wide-Range DC-In: 6V – 36V operation possible


The StromPi expansion board expands your Raspberry-Pi by an effective power solution.

In addition to the WIDE-Range voltage input, which allows you to operate the Raspberry with a voltage source of 6V – 36V, the integrated UPS function enables the protection of critical applications from power failure.

Using software for the Raspberry-Pi, the UPS function can be monitored and various messages in the event of failure, e.g. E-mail will be sent.

Thanks to the used efficient switching regulator solution, it is also possible to operate the Raspberry-Pi mobile by a battery.

In addition, the Raspberry-Pi optionally gets an upgrade of the USB outputs to a high-power USB port, in order to run fully-power-intensive devices such as USB hard drives.




  • To expand a Raspberry-Pi around an extensive power-solution
  • Wide-Range DC-In: 6V – 36V operation possible
  • Provides up to 2A power
  • Operation possible with WIDE-RANGE connector or standard micro-USB connector
  • Battery-compensated UPS function integrated [Standby power consumption <80μA]
  • Efficient switching controller enables mobile battery operation
  • Direct plug-in to Raspberry PI GPIO port – pin header looped through
  • Extends the Raspberry by 2 high-power USB ports
  • Software solution for monitoring / alarm by e-mail
  • UPS function and WIDE range also compatible to Banana Pi, PcDuino, Arduino, Cubieboard by using a universal USB power connector